Saturday, 9 January 2010

Hank the American Engine - Completed!

It's been another lovely porject to do, and i can happily say to all users following this blog and watching it, that Hank is now fully finished and running on the Elsbridge layout, he is one of the smoothest running engines i have ever made, and it is also with great thanks to my friend Michael, who helped with the project, as he too has also made Hank using the same method as me.

Hank is an american locomotive, based on a PRR K4, which is modelled by Bachmann in America in the Spectrum range, these models are all super deailed, and come in different liveries, i bought one from my local model dealer a year ago, and it has since been left in the box, i wanted to model Hank after seeing him depicted in Series 12 of Thomas and Friends (which has now moved fully into CGI in Canada).

His class of locomotive, is something rare to see on Sodor, the fact he runs on standard gauge track is remakable, considering that the gauge in America is slightly larger than UK standard gauge. Hank is infact the first continental locomotive to arrive on the railway, and even though he only had a one time appearance to himself, hopefully, he will make another debut in the CGI series.

Modelling Hank

Hank was made using a Bachmann PRR K4 pacific, the model was taken apart and the loco and tender bodies, sprayed with a Ultramarine spray paint, which i bought from an oline store known as Fatt-Buddah. The bodies were given two coats of Ultramarine and left to settle overnight.

Once the paint had dried, i then painted the boiler bands a satin red and left them to dry for a couple hours, one touch dry, i could then work on adding other details to the model, the handrails were cut to the correct lengths, and left for later. During this time, i painted the chassis wheels red, including the tende bogies and left them to dry, once set, another coact was applied and he chassis then moved to one side for later.

Once everything was dry, i then made up the small boxes for the running plate and glued them in place, these were then painted, along with the cylinder blocks, the same colour as Hank's bodies. The original bell casting was carefully removed, and the plastic one from the trackmaster model glues in place and repainted gold, along with the whistle and safety valves. The face was also removed from the trackmster model, to be added once i had painted the smokebox and cab roof, a sorta metallic silver, which was mixed with a little gunmetal paint to give it a shiny metal coat look.

Once the bodies were placed back on the loco and tender chassis, Hank was starting to look just like the tv model, onlyt thing left to do, was add a buffer beam to the rear of the tender, which i cut off from a Mainline GWR 0-6-2T body and painted buffer beam red. The handrails were carfully glued back in place, and then carefully painted silver with a thin brush.

Last but not least, the face was added, and held on with a tiny peice of blu-tac either side of the smokebox casting, and there you have it, a simple and easy way to make Hank, using a Bachmann K4, modelled by yours truly, and giving anyone else here, easy steps to make him yourself.

Images are copyright © 2010 by The Thomas Modeller

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Hank OO (WIP) - 50% Done!

Hank is steadily coming along, it's looking just like the real thing, but in scale OO (Ho in america). This is turning out to be one of my most fave projects to day, most of the detailing is nearly done, i just need to add a few more bits and bobs, and he should soon be ready to run on Elsbridge, which is a layout i built back in 2009 during my holiday break from work.

Images copyright © 2010 by The Thomas Modeller

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hank OO - WIP

With Rosie now completed, i have now moved on to do my next new project, which is none oter than Hank the American, who is being made with thanks to the inspiration of Michael, a member of the Sudrian Railway Modeller's Forum, who is also building Hank using a Bachmann K4 Pacific.

The model at current has been sprayed after having the excess details removed, like handrails, cow-catcher and chassis, it has then been sprayed with a coat of Ultramarine Blue and left to dry, whilst in the mean time, i am working on painting Hank's wheels, till the body has properly dried. Once it has, i can then add the details back on the model and touch up any patchy areas, the main problem was removing the bodyshell, some parts came unstuck, so i had to glue them back on, which was a real pain, but i am glad they did not snap completely, otherwise, id be in a real state trying to repair the damages.

But luckily, it has been a quick repair, and looks smashing as the moment, i cannot wait to add the other details, but the more time spent on the model, the better he will be. ;)

Images copyright © 2010 by The Thomas Modeller

Friday, 1 January 2010

Rosie OO - Complete!

It has been a long while since i did any modelling, and i am happy to say and show you all that Rosie, is now officially 100% completed and running very well. She is a complete new build from start to finish and runs on a Bachmann Junior 0-6-0 with a valve gear from a V1 2-6-2T.

Images is copyright © 2010 The Thomas Modeller

Happy New Year!

A very happy new year to one and all, the Thomas Modeller wishes everyone all the best for 2o10, and looks forward to modelling more new characters for your enjoyment as the new year opens.

kind regards

The Thomas Modeller

Thursday, 31 December 2009

Webmasters Apologies

Dear all blog followers and viewers.
I must apologise for the severe lack of updates over the last few months, i have been so busy with my modelling that i havn't gotten around to updating the blog in a long while, hopefully as the new year closes in, the blog will be kept up to date as of January, with more new updates and projects that have been recently completed and curently in the works.
Alot of events have happened over the last few months, some good and some bad, i won't go into details as alot of it is personal and to do with events in my offline life.
But i hope you will all continue to follow the blog, and again, i am sorry for not updating it sooner, please accept my apologies, and have a happy new year, and roll on 2010.
kind regards
The Thomas Modeller

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Donald and Douglas - Complete!

Well, it's been another good project, and it has turned out better than i had expected, although the chassis maybe shorter than the real tv models, i am pleased with my models of the scottish twins.

Donald and Douglas have so far been my most fave projects, both models have been entirely built from scratch and run on a pair of Hornby 0-6-0 motors, they have been well oiled ands run smoothly.

I will soon have a video made of the twins running on my partly built layout, but for now, here are pics of the finished models.

Images are copyright © The Thomas Modeller 2009